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Well, if you’re a lover of crusty cogs, today’s UnCooped is for you, friend!

Sex robot owners (there will be one in every family someday) are swapping “used” parts and selling “bruised, battered” dolls on a creepy online forum. 

Yes, if you’re feeling randy and don’t have the available funds to buy new, why not purchase an EXTREMELY used sex doll at a reasonable price?

The Doll Forum is the go-to destination for owners of so-called “sex dolls”, and perverts on a budget can pick up a used doll for as little as a couple hundred bucks! Granted, you’re going to spend thousands on medical bills to take care of the STDs who ‘inhereted’ from the previous owner, but have at it, horn dog!

Society is screwed.

Click below to hear more from the Chicks on the Right about this latest example of humanity’s decline: