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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Looking to warm up?  Head to Alaska or Antarctica. 

We tied a record in Indianapolis this morning, with a low temperature of -11 degrees.  Areas north of Indy were between -15 to -20 degrees.

To compare, only the very northern tip of Alaska was that cold.  In fact, there were several areas in Alaska that started the morning off above freezing.

Meanwhile, at the south pole, they had an overnight low of -9 degrees. Considering that it is summer time in the southern hemisphere, it is still rather impressive how powerful our current cold snap is.

While we tied a daily record this morning, we still fell short of the coldest number we experienced in that horrible winter of 2014.  We also fell well short of the coldest temperature ever recorded in Indianapolis of -27 degrees on Jan. 19, 1994.

Our temperature today did make it above 0° in Indy (just barely).  The last year we failed to make it above zero was Jan. 18, 1994.  The coldest Indy temperature was recorded that night.  

Luckly, our temperature won’t fall quite that cold overnight. Our overnight low is expected to be around -8 degrees.

(Story and graphic by Marcus Bailey, WISH.)