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INDIANAPOLIS — A dog owner in Indy let his pet freeze to death, then threw the dog into a dumpster.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services said their last call on Wednesday was one of the hardest. 

After trying to get cats out of a vacant house, and rescuing a dog chained to a back porch, IACS went to a home where a dog was left outside overnight to freeze to a cold wooden doghouse and then thrown away.

IACS said the only thing blocking the cold was a towel. 

“When we found the dog, it was emaciated and covered in trash.” IACS said in a Facebook post.

WARNING: Facebook post contains graphic content: 

They also reminded people of the importance of bringing your pet inside when the temperatures are cold. 

They are asking if you see an animal left outside in the cold to call the Mayor’s Action Center at 317-327-4622, and if you see an animal outside at night call 317-327-3811.

IACS said an investigation is underway and criminal charges could be possible.

(Photo: IACS Facebook)