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INDIANAPOLIS — We are in the back half of winter, which means we are getting closer to warmer temperatures across Indiana. 

Spring is less than two months away. Warmer weather is normally something happy to think about, but that is not the case for Indianapolis Ten Point Coalition leader Rev. Charles Harrison. 

It was one of the warmest nights in the last several weeks, especially have the frigid temperatures the state saw last week.

“Warm weather tends to bring us a little more violence,” Harrison told Hammer and Nigel on 93 WIBC Monday, after two people were shot and killed in separate shootings in the Capital City early that morning. Police say one of the shootings was the result of an argument.

“It’s a reflection of what were are seeing happen in our city right now,” said Harrison. “We have really seen an escalation in these interpersonal conflicts that is leading to more and more violence.”

Harrison said young people who are unable to deal with conflicts among their peers in a healthy is the leading cause of violence in Indianapolis, more so that drug and gang violence.

The good news, according to Harrison, is that the Ten Point method of patrolling crime ridden neighborhoods and being proactive with young people in these neighborhoods is working. 

Indy Ten Point expanded to several Indiana cities and towns last year. Harrison said they have had a lot of success in Gary with a 37-percent drop in violence. He said similar results have been seen in a couple troubled neighborhoods in Fort Wayne.

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