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(David Crotty/Getty Images)

California Representative and certified ignoramus Maxine Waters is hoping Americans “will turn the television off” tonight when President Trump delivers the State of the Union address. According to Mad Moronic Max, the Commander in Chief is just not “worthy” of being heard.

Waters, a Democrat and very vocal nincumpoop, told Essence Magazine, “I don’t even know why he wants to come and give the State of the Union. The state of the Union under him has not been good.” 

For clarification, Maxine Waters is an actual person and not a fictional character. 

“He is not worthy of being listened to. I don’t know why anybody wants to pay attention to anything he has to say.”

The listeners of WIBC, however, beg to differ with the gentlewoman from California who’s batcrap. Hammer and Nigel invited political correspondent Abdul-Hakim Shabazz to drop by the show and preview Tuesday’s State of the Union address, which Maxine Waters is not interested in hearing. Click the link below to check out what Abdul had to say: