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President Donald Trump delivered the best state of the union speech in a generation Tuesday, according to WIBC host Tony Katz:

“You might hate Donald Trump; that doesn’t change anything. This has to be an important thing for people to understand: the reality cannot be undone. 

…It was a complete and total – from beginning to end – speech of uplift – a speech about what it is that we are, what it is that we’ve done, and where it is that we need to go. And if we remember what we did, we’re going to get there. That’s why there was so much to the very concept of heroes. The introduction of veterans. The celebration of Holocaust survivors and those who rescued them from horror and hell and certain death. The entirety of the speech was about this very uplift.

At one moment – and you know I talked about where he was on abortion. He mentioned that all children are made in the holy image of God, right? But some people, they don’t believe in God. Those same people can at least believe that full-term term abortion is gross. What New York passed is disgusting and violent. And what Virginia is talking about and what Governor Northam there for is murder. Full term abortion? It’s murder.

…From beginning to end, it was a speech of uplift; it was a speech of strength; it was quite simply the best State of the Union speech in a generation. Barack Obama never delivered a speech as good as Donald Trump.”

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