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(INDIANAPOLIS) -Indiana’s smoking age might go up to 21.

Last year, Massachusetts became the sixth state to raise the smoking age. Tory Callaghan Castor with IU Health says an overwhelming majority of people who start smoking as teenagers remain smokers for life.

The Senate Health Committee approved the bill 8-2, but it has to pass a second committee before going to the full Senate. Logansport Senator Randy Head notes opponents frequently point out you can fight for your country at 18 — so his bill exempts active and retired military. A military readiness group formed by retired generals and admirals wants him to take it out. General Jim Bauerle says the Army has the same problem businesses have with soaring health costs.

Virginia, New York and Illinois are all in the middle of discussing an increase in the smoking age. And in Hawaii, where the age is already 21, one legislator has proposed raising it to 100.

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