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INDIANAPOLIS — With surgery in the rearview mirror, Victor Oladio is in Miami where he is beginning rehab on his injured knee.

Oladipo suffered a ruptured quad tendon in a home game against the Toronto Raptors last month. The injury required season ending surgery which Oladipo said was successful. He said even though he is out for the season he’s not going to stop helping the Indiana Pacers win games.

“The last week has been good, taking it one day at a time,” Oladipo said Monday. “It’s just a blessing I can still do something related to basketball even though I can’t play the game.”

Oladipo said he is still watching game film and texting his teammates and coaches pointers on how to tackle each other their opponents. He said the Pacers are still a team to fear even with out him in the line up.

“They’re are capable of doing very special things, even with me not being there,” said Oladipo. “I just watch from affair and help anyway I can.”

Oladipo is likely to be on the sidelines for a full calendar year. He said he has no time table of when he can get back on a basketball court. For now he is limited to moving around on crutches, which he jokingly said are not much slower than his normal walking pace.

(PHOTO: Andy Lyons/Getty Images)