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(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Kamala Harris REALLY loves getting high! Yessir, pass her a doobie, a bag of Cheetos, some Snoop Dogg, and she’s ready to chillax for the night! 

In fact, Senator Harris, who is making a failed run for the Democratic presidential nomination, got so high in college, she apparently thought she listened to Snoop Dogg and Tupac in her dorm room – LONG BEFORE either artist ever recorded their first song!

Hmm… I’m no Maxwell Smart, but it sounds to me like our friend Kamala is full of s***.

Side note: Kamala’s love for killing brain cells via the abuse of illegal substances explains SO MUCH about her political positions, which are king-sized stupid.

Meanwhile, gangsta rap mega-fan Harris says she’s fully in favor of legalizing pot because it, “gives a lot of people joy.” 

I’ll tell you what, Kamala would have been a great trial lawyer. The gal really knows how to build a strong, intellectual argument that’s rooted in fact and just OOZES credibility. 

In other news, pothead Kamala says she would NOT favor operating machinery or vehicles while high because it could cause accidents, which would “give a lot of people sadness.”

The more our friends on the left trot out their 2020 candidates for “moron of the decade,” the more Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez begins to look like a legitimate intellectual.

Now listen to the Chicks on the Right (ingestion of illegal substances not required for maximum enjoyment and pleasure):