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WASHINGTON, D.C.Stopping the war in Yemen and ending the humanitarian crisis there is a goal of Indiana’s Sen. Todd Young (R), and also of the Friends Committee on National Legislation, an advocacy group from the Quaker church.

“We’ve been very grateful to work with Sen. Young’s office on his efforts to try to bring humanitarian relief to Yemen,” said Randall. “Obviously trying to curtail both civilian casualties and the war in Yemen is a big step.”

She said Friends supports a bill that would curtail U.S. support for Saudi Arabia and its war against Yemen. It’s called the War Powers Resolution, and a vote in the House is expected today. She said a vote in the Senate is expected in the coming weeks.

“I know he (Young) continues to look at other measures and I think he’s introducing another bill which would work to that end, as well. We’re hopeful that Sen. Braun will also follow Sen. Young’s lead and that they’ll both support an end to the war in Yemen.”

“Yemen is suffering from the world’s worst humanitarian crisis. According to the United Nations, over 22 million people—three-quarters of Yemen’s population— need humanitarian assistance,” said Young, in a letter to Sec. of State Mike Pompeo. 

“Nearly, 18 million people remain food insecure, and more than 8 million are in danger of starvation. Nearly half of all children in Yemen are stunted and 400,000 children suffer from severe acute malnutrition.”


Universal background checks

While Friends is respected by bother Democrats and Republicans, one area where Republican lawmakers have traditionally balked is on universal background checks. Friends believes Congress should pass a measure requiring those background checks for all gun sales.

“Anywhere between 88 and 97 percent, depending on which poll you look at, of the public in the United States, support universal background checks,” said Randall. “That will not end all gun violence, but it is a significant step forward.”

She said that would mean that all sales of firearms would have to have some kind of scrutiny.

“So, unlicensed dealers like people selling weapons over the internet or at gun shows, would have to use the same background check system that gun dealerships are using right now.”

Friends also supports reducing military spending, saying the U.S. spends proportionately more than other countries.

PHOTO: CNN Newsource