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(Screen Capture: Viral Hog)

Hi kids, would you like to experience uncontrollable gagging this Valentines Day? If so, the Hammer and NIgel Show is serving up what you’re craving… Provided you’re craving a half-naked gal eating a raw piece of steak in the shape of a heart.

The unnamed woman in the photo posted the video of herself with the following caption:

“This is a video of myself a few days ago eating a raw piece of beef shaped like a heart. I have been eating raw beef since I was 2 years old. This is a normal routine. The ending result is me being full, happy and grossing people out.”

Gross is RIGHT. It’s no “Two Girls, One Cup,” but it’s pretty sick. 

Click the link below to severely punish your eyes, and then share it with that special someone for Valentines Day.

Best wishes and heart-felt love from The Hammer and Nigel Show.