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WASHINGTON, D.C.–Amazon decided not to put part of its second headquarters in New York City. And, they are not planning on putting it in Indianapolis either. Theirs plans only include the Washington, D.C. area and Nashville. But, Sen. Mike Braun told Bloomberg TV we’d love to have them in Indiana.

LINK: Braun on Bloomberg TV

“We’d love to have ’em. Only in a place like New York or maybe I could throw California in there with it, would they shun or turn away somebody like Amazon looking to come there and do business,” he said. Braun went on to criticize both states, saying their attitude is anti-business.

“I think they will, down the road, with that kind of approach to business in general, find themselves in a tough spot.”

Killing the pension plan

Braun also said he supports eliminating pensions for Congress, including his own, of which he opted out.

“This bill says, especially with the results that have been delivered over the past couple of decades, they do not deserve a pension because nobody else has them,” said Braun. His proposal provides for an alternative similar to a 401k, which many more people have now than pensions.

He said he believes most people would be appalled to learn Nancy Pelosi (speaker of the House) would get a $100,000 per year pension if she retired today.

“When it comes to any perc, any pay advantage the framers never intended it that way.”

An emergency declaration

Braun also said this afternoon, that he supports an emergency declaration to help fund the border wall Pres. Trump wants to build.

“Government shutdowns need to stop, but I cannot support our dysfunctional system of out-of-control government spending through a broken process: it would never work in the private sector and it certainly doesn’t work in Washington,” said Braun in a prepared statement.

“This legislation did not sufficiently address the humanitarian and security crisis on our southern border and left President Trump with no other option than to declare a national emergency, which I support.” 

PHOTO: Sen. Mike Braun on Twitter