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Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett has consistently failed to show respect for the WIBC listeners since his election. Despite multiple requests, Indy’s ‘pothole king’ just can’t manage to find the time nor the courage to sit for an interview with Tony Katz… Nor any of the other hosts at WIBC… Nor even one of the reporters in our award-winning newsroom. Hell, at this point, we’re convinced he’s afraid to answer a few questions with our cleaning lady.

Mayor Hogsett’s lack of courage and consideration for the VERY PEOPLE HE WAS ELECTED TO SERVE aside, he’s always welcome to drop by for a sit-down with Tony Katz. In fact, it nearly happened yesterday.

While exiting the WIBC building on Thursday afternoon – 1,555 days into ‘Pothole Joe’s’ term – Tony spotted our esteemed Mayor and his creepy Chief of Staff, Thomas Cook in the Emmis lobby. We suspect he was lost and looking for directions to Monument Circle, but that’s just conjecture.

Tony Katz shares what happened next in today’s Popcorn Moment: