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(Sunset Boulevard / Contributor / Getty Images)

If you’re trying to bring attention to your cause and generate support, a protest that screws your existing base of supporters is quite logically the worst idea ever.

Truckers are planning a “slow roll” Thursday on Interstate 465 as a way to protest the federal rules. 

Under those rules, truckers can drive 11 hours of every 14 and must take 10 hours off before getting back behind the wheel.

What in the golly wobbler is a slow roll? In short, truckers will make two laps around I-465 at a speed of 45-50mph around 11 a.m. Thursday, screwing any and all persons traveling on that interstate at that time.

Bravo, bully, and well done, fellow truckers. Anticipate multiple persons giving you the finger tomorrow.

WIBC’s Hammer and Nigel are major supporters of truckers, but even they are pushing back against the “slow roll.”