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(Roberto Machado Noa / Contributor / Getty Images)

R. Kelly, R&B superstar and driving force behind the artistic masterpiece “Bump n’ Grind,” has been indicted on 10 counts of aggravated criminal sexual abuse. 

According to CNN, Mr. R. Kelly enjoys having the sex with gals who are barely out of diapers. 

No less than four alleged victims were named in the indictment against Kelly, Cook County State’s Attorney Kim Foxx said Friday.

The indictment accuses Sir. Bump n’ Grind of sexual acts with three children older than 13 but younger than 17. There is no age range listed for one of the alleged victims. The charges say Kelly used force or the threat of force.

If convicted, the R&B pedophile faces a maximum of seven years in prison for each count.

The cradle-robbing rapper is scheduled to appear in court on Saturday for a bail hearing. Arraignment is set for March 8.

R. “Deviant Pervert” Kelly rose to prominence in the mid-90s with the Christmas classic “Your Body’s Calling.”  

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