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Our favorite part of the Home and Garden Show is that we get to help you the listener with everyday problems around the house and garden. Check out some of our favorite moments from last week’s show! And as Aristotle once said, “The more you know grow, the more you know you don’t know grow” or something like that.

Sue called in because she noticed her toilet is filling up and causing some major leakage around the flapper. Denny talks her through how to replace the flapper in the toilet. Pat even gives a home test suggestion to find the problem using food coloring!


Rocky woke up Saturday and found that his garbage disposal isn’t working. We go over some of the common problems garbage disposals go through and how to fix it. In this case it was as easy as setting the reset button. Our favorite part is Rocky fixing live on the call, we’re proud of you buddy!



Steve, oh Steve. He has a slow running drain. Denny figured out it’s a partial stoppage and talks him through how to solve that.


Terri asks the question we all want to know. What’s the general rule when pruning outdoor plants? Pat gives us the magic rule so you’ll never forget again.


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