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NATIONWIDE —  If those ribs you’re about to eat are Boston Market brand, you should stop, immediately, and throw them away. That’s because there’s a recall. 

Bellisio Foods is recalling over 170,000 pounds of frozen pork entree products, as they may be contaminated with pieces of glass or hard plastic. 

Included in the recall is the 14-oz. Boston Market Home Style Meals Boneless Pork Rib Patty with BBQ Sauce & Mashed Potatoes. 

“Best by” dates for products falling under the recall are 12/7/2019, 01/4/2020, 01/24/2020 and 02/15/2020. 

WOWO reports these products are marked with “EST. 18297.”

The recall stems from consumers complaining of glass or hard plastic material in the rib shaped patty. 

The Food Safety Inspection Service was notified on February 22, 2019.

There have been no confirmed reactions or injuries due to consumption of the products. 

Anyone who thinks they may have an injury due to the recall should contact a healthcare provider.
(Photo by: Mark Wilson)