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Woohoo! Finally a man of the cloth is in trouble with the law for something other than child molestation!

A Des Moines pastor is facing child endangerment charges after allegedly shooting at his own daughter while two children were in his vehicle, police said.

Here’s what went down, according to KCCI, Des Moines (That’s in Iowa, for you geography enthusiasts):

Police were sent Friday morning to Sixth and Holcomb avenues near North High School after receiving a report of one car chasing another.

Des Moines police Sgt. Paul Parizek said the Rev. Michael Cameron Sr., with Revival Center Church of God in Christ, was following his daughter’s car when shots rang out.

Parizek said authorities believe Cameron pulled the trigger, shooting at his daughter’s car.

“There are certain professions that we expect a higher standard of behavior out of, and whether it’s a teacher or a pastor or a police officer, there’s just expectations that you’re not going to do silly things like this,” Parizek said.

Another family member, who asked to remain anonymous, filmed video from the scene. In the video, she explains why Cameron was chasing his daughter.

“(He was) trying to keep her from getting into a fight. He came to pick her up,” the family member said.

Cameron denies firing his weapon.

In the cellphone footage, the other family member is upset with the number of police officers involved in the incident.

“This is a complete joke. This many police officers. There’s actually more police officers than this.”

It’s a wild thing, Pastor, but a fella firing bullets at his child tends to bring out more than just the captain of the neighborhood watch program.

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