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Beloved WIBC host Rob Kendall is SO VERY rarely critical of Indiana Republians – especially Governor Eric Holcomb.

Editor’s note: Hoot, hoot, yuck, yuck!

Indiana is launching a $100 million program to expand broadband internet services across rural parts of the state, and guess where that money is coming from? Turns out the funding is courtesy of fee increases on heavy-duty commercial vehicles that use the Indiana Toll Road.

Wait… The massive war on trucker by Governor Eric Holcomb – the one that was intended to fix the state’s roads – was partially intended to buy votes in rural areas?

*Please note: an earlier edition of this blog post implied that Governor Eric Holcomb was effectively buying votes under the guise of expanding broadband in rural areas. We’ve since updated this post to reflect absolutely no changes whatsoever. 

High-Tax Holcomb said the Next Level Broadband program will bridge the digital divide, giving more rural Hoosiers access to the internet for business or personal uses.

The governor said the “internet is just as essential to Indiana’s prosperity today as highways were a century ago.”

In fairness, he has a point. Most persons in rural areas are unable to take advantage of free internet services at their local library. The facilities and services exist, but the roads in the state are so lousy that it’s impossible to get there safely.

Nigel and Rob Kendall break down Holcomb’s latest shenanigans in the following clip: