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ANDERSON, Ind. — Community policing at its best. That’s how Anderson police describe the actions of Brandon May, a resident of Anderson. 

They say it was his idea to set up a go-pro camera outside his house that helped them catch one of two burglars of a home next door to his. May said he came home one day to find the men going inside the home, which was odd, since the home is vacant. 

He called 911 and police came to investigate, but could find any evidence of a break in, so May set up the go-pro. Sure enough he was able to get it on tape. May said he did it to protect his family.

“You’ve got to protect what’s yours, no one else is going to do it for you,” May told WISH-TV. “You don’t just break into somebody’s house and just get away with it that’s just not how it works.”

Police arrested Tyler Lowers on burglary charges. Police say he had two gun on him at the time of the break in, which police say make May all the more brave for doing what he did in order to catch him.

The other suspect is still on the loose.

(PHOTO: Eric Feldman/WISH-TV)