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Democrats continued their crusade against protecting innocent lives Tuesday as they gleefully voted against the ‘Born Alive’ bill, which would have provided medical care to infants who survive failed abortions. 

The left considers the bill’s failure a ‘victory,’ but they usually celebrate those aspects of American society deemed morally reprehensible. 

Mind of a Democrat: “Walls are immoral! Now let’s get back to that pro-infanticide crusade!”

No clear thinking individual supports partial-birth abortions, let alone abortions AFTER birth. Of course, no one ever accused a Democrat of engaging his or her cerebral cortex in the legislative process. 

The Chicks on the Right destroyed Democrats’ obvious fetish for abortion Wednesday.


“As a doctor, how you don’t automatically save an infant who is born alive is beyond me.”


“Just so we’re clear: the baby is wiggling on a table, but just let it die. All these women who are moms have no problem voting against this bill; it’s disgusting.”

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