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(triocean/Getty Images)

Beto O’Rourke has FINALLY made a decision about whether or not he will run as a Democratic candidate for President in 2020! Yep! And that decision is… no one has any friggin’ idea.

Beto, the “so f***ing proud of you” dude, loves him a good, old-fashioned sneaky suprise! That’s why the failed 2020 Texas Democratic candidate for Senate is telling NO ONE about his intentions until the time is right.

“I want to make the announcement to everyone at the same time,” O’Rourke said. “I want to do it the right way.” 

Just a few weeks ago, he told Oprah Winfrey he would make the decision by the end of the month. Then O’Rourke said he and his wife have been looking at the best way they can serve the country, and they are excited to share their decision with the country soon. Then late Wednesday night, O’Rourke shared his happy news with reporters that he’d made a decision about running, but not a decision about when to share his decision.

Hmm… We see a pattern here, and it’s pissing us off.

Like all Americans, we’re sure you’re on the absolute edge of your seat, anxiously awaiting the big announcement. Rest assured that we’ll bring you any exciting updates about Beto’s decision to decide whether or not to share the decision about his decision AS SOON AS IT BREAKS.

Meanwhile, enjoy Mock and Daisy laughing hysterically at Beto’s lunacy.