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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — How aggressive of a driver are you? Are you the motorist who tailgates? Do you speed or are you a distracted driver in a hurry to get somewhere?

Indiana State Police Sgt. John Perrine said Friday that police believe all of the above are hazards.

“We know that speed is the root of almost everything. If somebody is in a hurry, they are going to drive fast and that speed will cause them to weave in and out of traffic. It will cause them to tailgate people. Speed will cause them to run red lights run stop signs,” Perrine said. 

Indiana State Police are partnering with local law enforcement officials during March to crack down on traffic scofflaws. 

The average fine for driving 11 mph over the speed limit in Indiana is $150 and, of course, the faster a motorist speeds, the more cash the judge will take from his or her pocket. However, law enforcement officials said, the special enforcement effort is not about transferring cash from motorists’ bank accounts to the government treasury; it is about keeping people alive.

“We have a lot of selfish drivers. They are only worried about themselves and they will drive aggressively to get to their location without any regard to other drivers on the road, and that in itself creates a hazard for those innocent drivers that are trying to obey the laws,” Perrine said. 

(Photo by WISH-TV.)