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GREENSBURG, Ind. (WISH) — A Greensburg 8-year-old wrote a letter to Chicago Blackhawks player Corey Crawford asking for help with her school project. 

Sofia Cackowski has been a Blackhawks fan for years.

“I would stand in front of the television with my guitar singing and every single time they would show the goalie I would yell for Crawford,” she said. 

Second grade teacher Lori Huffner told students they could write to anyone. Sofia knew she had to write to the famous goalie. 

“I don’t think anyone has ever sent something like that to him,” Cackowski said. 

The project was inspired by a character from a popular children’s book series called Flat Stanley. It’s easy for him to travel because he is flat and can fit in an envelope. Students were asked to send Stanley to someone and have that person take him on some adventures. 

“It could be a family member, it could be a friend or in this case someone you watch on television,” Huffner said. So they send them off on some adventures and then send them back with letters, pictures and any mementos.” 

Within days of Sofia’s letter to Crawford, she got a response. Crawford took Flat Stanley to the Blackhawks locker room, to hangout with some other teammates, to a Chicago Auto Show and to meet the Stanley Cup. 

“He sent me a note on a piece of paper and at the top of the paper was the Blackhawks logo,” the Greensburg Elementary student said. 

All of the items from Crawford were put on a bulletin board outside the classroom. 

Crawford went back on the ice last week after suffering from a concussion on Dec. 16. 

All second grade classes at Greensburg Elementary complete this project but this is the first time it’s gotten this much attention. 

(Photo by WISH-TV.)