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MUNCIE, Ind. — He’s accused of throwing a bottle of frozen breast milk at the mother of his newborn baby.

Brandon Barnard, 38, of Muncie, was arrested yesterday on a count of domestic battery, said the Muncie Star Press

A woman told Muncie police that Barnard came into her home without knocking, went straight to the freezer and said he wanted to take pictures of the breast milk inside.

She told him to leave, and he started taking frozen bottles of milk, saying he was keeping it. 

She told police they kept arguing until Barnard threw a frozen bottle of milk that hit her on the right side of her face. 

She says after that happened Barnard almost knocked to her the ground while she was holding the baby.

Barnard is accused of leaving in the woman’s car.

He was arrested at his home on East 18th Street, and is now in the Delaware County jail. 

(Photo: Delaware County Jail)