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The United States has no chance of defeating Russia and China should World War III break out, according to top-notch warfare analysts.

Nonprofit global policy think tank RAND has been performing simulated war scenarios, often sponsored by the Pentagon, to test how American forces would fare against the world’s other leading military superpowers. 

Last week, RAND analysts revealed that in scenario after scenario, the U.S. has suffered severe losses despite spending nearly $1trillion annually on the military, exceeding the spending of any other country by more than double.  

“In our games, when we fight Russia and China, ‘blue’ gets its ass handed to it,” researcher David Ochmanek explained at the Center for a New American Security on Thursday, Breaking Defense first reported. American forces are generally color-coded in blue in the simulations. 

“We lose a lot of people. We lose a lot of equipment. We usually fail to achieve our objective of preventing aggression by the adversary,” Ochmanek added.

WIBC host Tony Katz spoke with Chuck DeVore, Vice President of National Initiatives at the Texas Public Policy Foundation about what the United States needs to do turn these scenarios around.

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