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(Mardis Coers / Contributor/Getty Images)

Indiana State Police have handed out more than 200 tickets to motorists for driving too slowly in the left lane.

WRTV-TV reports that state police ticketed 87 drivers in 2017 for left lane violations and 132 in 2018. The law enforcement agency also gave more than 1,000 warnings last year.

A 2015 state law requires drivers to move to the right lane to allow faster traffic to pass. The Indiana Department of Transportation says it will periodically use alerts on its overhead highway message boards to help raise awareness about the left-lane law.

WIBC hosts Brian Baker (angry driver) and Rob Kendall (left-lane loser) yelled at each other over this issue during Tuesday’s edition of The Chicks on the Right.


“Good! Ticket them! Ticket them twice! This drives me crazy! These left-lane losers putting along, they won’t move over, traffic piling up behind them, and they won’t budge because ‘Well, I’m going 55 and that’s the speed limit, so I don’t have to move because I’m obeying the law.’ NO!! The law is GET OUT OF MY WAY!”


“I don’t seem to notice this being a huge problem, but maybe that’s because I’m in the right lane.”


“You’re the guy who’s in the left lane, aren’t you?


“No, but why do we have a speed limit? Why do we have a law if we’re encouraging people to break it?”


“It’s not a law; it’s a suggestion. It doesn’t matter. If there’s someone behind you who wants to go faster, GET OUT OF THE WAY!”

Click the link below to hear Brian and Rob’s full screaming match.