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HENDRICKS COUNTY, Ind.–Marijuana is still illegal in Indiana and if you’re caught with it, you will likely be arrested. If you’re caught with millions of dollars worth, you might do some serious prison time. Two men caught Thursday were charged with have three and a half million dollars worth.

The men were on their way back from Burbank, California, driving a box truck, said state troopers.

The driver was Danny J. Luttrell II, 27, Indianapolis, and the passenger was ID’d as Brandon M. Pierson, 27, also of Indianapolis. When the trooper smelled cannabis, he searched the truck and found 250 lbs. of pot and 50,000 vape cartridges

The weed is worth $2.5 million, while the vape cartridges are worth about $1 million, said state police.

Both men were taken to the Hendricks County Jail and charged with dealing marijuana.

PHOTO: Indiana State Police