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New York Times reporter Julie Hirschfeld Davis said during an appearance on CNN that many Democrats are already “fed up” with Democrat candidate Beto O’Rourke only a few days into his primary campaign.

From NTK Network:

CNN’s John King read the following from a column written by the Washington Post’sKathleen Parker on Friday:

“No one in recent memory, save for Donald Trump, has received so much free advertising by simply showing up…When he flails his arms, often in front of his own face, he reminds mothers everywhere of the moment when an infant suddenly realizes that the hand bobbing in front of his nose belongs to him, whereupon he remains mesmerized until he realizes there’s another one!”

“It has been interesting how very, kind of divided, the reaction has been to him,” Hirschfeld Davis said.

Hirschfeld Davis then went on to say that people seem to either love O’Rourke’s brand because it reminds them of former President Barack Obama or they hate it because they feel “it’s very self-important and it doesn’t really speak to any of the issues that Democrats, frankly, want to be getting down to brass tax on.”

“I think that polarization is going to continue. I think the interesting thing is going to be how he fills in some of the blanks,” Hirschfeld Davis added. “I think that, you know, Democrats are going to need to see what the specifics are on some of these grand ideas that he’s out there talking about in very inspirational ways.”

“But I think that’s why we see some of the divides right now. A lot of Democrats are really just fed up with this idea that you’re going to have this guy making grand gestures, how ever big or small, and that there’s not going to be anything behind that, and I think that’s the big worry right now,” Hirschfeld Davis concluded.

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