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Motley Crue has posted its cover version of Madonna‘s 1984 hit “Like A Virgin” online, and holy God is it an abomination of sound. The track is one of four new recordings by the band that appear on the soundtrack of “The Dirt,” the Motley Crue biopic that will premiere on Netflix this Friday.

Hey, don’t get us wrong: Motley Crue is AWESOME, but what the hell is this s**t?

Crue bassist Nikki Sixx told Billboard that the idea to record “Like A Virgin” came to him while he was taking a stroll with his dogs, saying, “(It) popped in my head, and I sort of like looked up, as if to laugh at God, and went, ‘You’re pretty funny.’” Sixx initially felt it was “actually a really horrible idea” to cover the song.

Note to Nikki: ALWAYS go with your initial instinct, man.

None the less, the trailers for the upcoming biopic look great, and we can’t wait to see it.

Meanwhile, the Hammer and Nigel show took a look (or listen) back at a few cover songs that were even WORSE than Crue’s ode to Madonna.