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(Screen Capture: YouTube/RM Videos)

He’s called the “best man” because he’s willing to sacrifice himself when a crisis arises…

A best man at a wedding in Washington state is being hailed as a hero after opting to lose two teeth, pee himself, and fracture several bones in his face rather than endure another moment of the maid of honor’s horrendous singing.

According to crisis responders on the scene, guests had been subjected to a tortuous three minutes of the unnamed ‘vocalist’s’ attempts to carry a tune when the best man sprang into action and performed a direct face-plant, followed by full urination.

Emergency responders praised the man’s agility and noted that the complex maneuver was performed without the aid of crash mats or padding, resulting in severe injuries to the man’s teeth and face, but successfully ending the suffering of other guests in attendance.

Media outlets report that local government officials have moved to award the unnamed hero with an honorary key to the city upon his release from the hospital in four to six weeks.

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