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INDIANAPOLIS — We’re in Day 2 of a statewide silver alert for a missing baby girl out of Indianapolis.

Amiah Robertson has been missing since last week. Family members who are looking for here have conflicting stories about her disappearance according to investigators. Amiah’s mother, Amber Robertson, reported her baby girl missing on Saturday.

The child’s family initially told investigators that Amiah was last seen on Thursday, but now it seems she was last seen on Saturday, a day before her boyfriend, Robert Lyons, was arrested.

Kayla Beatty is a neighbor and said the child could not have disappeared Thursday, she claimed, because she recalled seeing her outside the Holmes Avenue house the following day with her mother. 

“I definitely saw her Friday night around 9 p.m.,” Beatty said. “[Amiah&#93 had a short T-shirt on, probably some thin pajama pants, no jacket and it was cold. The mom was just holding her up [away from her body, instead of cradling her&#93 and was speed walking with her.”

Police say Lyons and Robertson got into an argument Saturday, likely over whether or not Lyons was the father for Amiah. Lyons was arrested over that “domestic dispute”, according to Amiah’s grandfather Chuck Robertson.

“He physically abused my daughter and it escalated into where he actually ran a car into her,” Robertson said. “All I can do it hope. I don’t know.” 

Robertson said Tuesday his hopes of Amaiah still being alive are dwindling.

“Every grandfather and father of a child has that gut feeling. The feeling I have right now is very strong.”

Robert Lyons is not the biological father of Amber’s daughter, according to her family. Lyons was arrested Sunday on preliminary charges of criminal recklessness and leaving the scene of an accident, according to police records. 

The little girl has still not been found.