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President Donald Trump doesn’t care for the late Senator John McCain.

Scratch that.

President Donald Trump REALLY doesn’t care for the late Senator John McCain.

Scratch that.

President Donald Trump hates the holy s**t out of John McCain with the fury of a thousand suns. 

True story.

Earlier Tuesday, Trump defended his ongoing attacks on McCain and said he never liked the late Arizona Senator due to differences on health care and Russia.

“I was never a fan of John McCain and I never will be,” Trump told reporters at the White House.

Democrats and a few members of the GOP such as Republican Senator Mitt Romney criticized the President’s remarks, Meghan McCain offered a smackdown on “The View” (which we’re told people still watch), and the late Senator McCain’s wife, Cindy appeared on NBC’s “Today Show” to share a hateful letter she received in the wake of Trump’s attacks.

World keeps on spinnin’.

While, WIBC host Tony Katz isn’t a fan of McCain’s decisions and voting record as a U.S. Senator, he acknowledges that President Trump just cannot let go of old rivalries. 


“There are subjects to which President Trump just cannot let go. Man, does he not like John McCain. There are people saying that this is disgusting and wrong and we shouldn’t be talking about a man who served his country and has since passed away. If we can talk about Senator Ted Kennedy, we can talk about John McCain. And it is exactly this kind of nuance that is necessary. I am angry with John McCain for voting ‘no’ on skinny repeal. I am angry with McCain for how he ran his Presidential campaign. 

…It is acceptable to be disappointed in a man for his Senate career, thank him for his service in the military, and yet not get involved in the insanity.”

Click the link below to hear Tony’s full commentary.