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Congratulations everyone, we’ve officially gone full-bore crazy.

Sadistic scientists with a love for inflicting immense pain upon your taste buds have unveiled an all-new hot sauce that mimics the bit of a venomous spider.

Steve’s Scientific Sauce is said to be a world-first and was designed using laboratory test data on hundreds of arachnids. 

Mmm… Sounds most appetizing indeed.

Experts claim the burn and tingling sensation from the sauce mimics the effect of being bitten by the Trinidad chevron spider.

“It’s as best as we can manage without actually tasting the venom,” managing director and founder Steven Trim, 41, said.

“It’s a similar heat component that the venom would cause.”

The idea came after he met with food marketer Stefano Cuomo, of Macknade, at a meeting two years ago.

“We focus on studying venoms and how they work in the biology for drug discovery and through this research we became aware that the Trinidad Chevron venom actually works on the same receptors as Capsicum,” Trim said.

“It was about two years ago when we had that first light bulb moment.”

Good work, boys. Now create a refreshing beverage that mimics the sensation of having your face and genitals chewed off by a rabid chimp.

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