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President Donald Trump’s feud with the deceased Senator John McCain continues Thursday, and “The View” co-host Ana Navarro is six shades of pissed about it.

On Thursday’s edition of the ABC show, which regularly features a bunch of gals clucking at each other, Navarro called Donald Trump a “pathological president” and said Republicans are “too damn cowardly” to call him out.

Editor’s note: We’re not afraid to call him out, Ana; we’re enjoying it.

Navarro said Trump’s claim that he had to “approve” the senator’s funeral “is a flat out lie” and his claim that John McCain had not done enough for veterans was a “pathological” lie.

Editor’s note: “pathological” was the word of the day on Ana’s calendar and she’s attempting to use it as many times as possible in a 24 hour period.

Here’s video of pissed off Ana:

As far as Hammer and Nigel are concerned, bring on the feud, the insults, the barbs, and the fun! Click the link below to check out Hammer’s hysterical take on Trump’s ongoing battle with a dead guy.