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INDIANAPOLIS--Indiana’s farmers, steel and energy industries would benefit from the new U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement, said Mike Sommers, president and CEO of the American Petroleum Institute. That organization is part of the USMCA Coalition. They are urging Congress to pass the USMCA.

“Indiana is one of the most trade-dependent states,” said Sommers. “Farmers and ranchers and the hundreds of thousands of people employed in the state in the energy industry are truly dependent on America having free-trade alliances throughout the world.”

He said the agreement would replace NAFTA, which he said is 25 years old and outdated. 

Sommers said since Mexico and Canada are the number one and number two trading partners, it would benefit Indiana to end the tariffs on steel and strengthen the trading relationship between the three counties.

“Canada and Mexico are are best energy consumers, of course. But, they’re also our best trading partners in other parts of the economy, as well.”

Sommers said Congress is at the beginning of the process in passing the USMCA, and that he and his allies hope they will craft a bill and get it quickly through the House and Senate. He encourages like-minded Hoosiers to call their representatives and ask them to pass it.

“To make sure that we continue to be a dominant energy player in world markets, we need to make sure that those markets remain open to American products,” he said. 

The AFL-CIO said they would oppose the USMCA if Mexico doesn’t change its labor laws. 

“This must happen before Congress takes up any new NAFTA deal. But if the Administration insists on a premature vote on the new NAFTA in its current form, we will have no choice but to oppose it,” said the organization, on its website.

PHOTO: Maki Shmaki/Thinkstock