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GOSHEN, Ind. — It can be frustrating waiting for your tax refund to arrive in the mail, but a woman from Goshen is accused of taking her anger to a new–and illegal–level.

Claudia Pedroza, 26, stabbed the man who filed her taxes because her refund check had not arrived, Goshen Police told The Elkhart Truth.

Court documents say Pedroza confronted the man at his house and demanded her money.

When he told her it hadn’t arrived yet, she grabbed a knife from his kitchen and stabbed him in the left shoulder.

Pedroza was arrested Monday and charged with battery with a deadly weapon. According to police, she admitted to the stabbing and said she needed the money to pay for car repairs and bills.

Pedroza is due in court on Friday.

(Photo by the Elkhart County Jail.)