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Terri Stacy speaks with Deagria Level, who will be modeling in the Fare, Flair and Fashion show, to be held at the Julian Center on April 11. The show is the Julian Center’s first-ever runway event to benefit survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.

Level will be one of the models at the show, but as you’ll learn in the interview, modeling is just one of her many talents. She is an author, a host and a certified coach, and she treats each of those skills as a platform to uplift and empower other survivors of domestic and sexual abuse. 

Level shares a brief glimpse into her “awakening,.” The moment she realized she had had enough of her situation.  

That moment led her to her current role as an advocate at the Julian Center, where she works with survivors daily.

“I see myself as everyone that walks through the door,” Level says. “I am a part of them, and they are a part of me.”

Learn more about her story in Terri’s full interview.

You can catch Level at the Fare, Flair and Fashow show. She will also be speaking about her new book, “No Weapon, My Journy to Win,” on April 13 at Humble Creations Studios on East 56 St.