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LEBANON, Ind. — He’s been cleared by police of any criminal wrongdoing, but a girl’s high school basketball coach in Lebanon has resigned from his coaching duties.

Troy Terrill, whose daughter was coached by Nicholas Carothers, said what he’d read in the police report that brought to light a different problem: accusations that Carothers used offensive language around his team.

“We learned a little bit more information about some of the things that were being said, the vulgarity of some terms that (were) used, referencing girls’ body parts, things that adults shouldn’t even say,” said Terrill to WISH-TV.

“The bulk of this stuff that happened came to light at the end of the season. There was, we knew, the language was pretty intense and the culture of the program was pretty vulgar and not anywhere near anything teenage girls should be around,” said Terrill.

According to the school’s lawyer, the now former coach is under a one-year contract to coach and work as a special education instructional aide. According to the school website, he is still working in the classroom.

Terrill said he has prepared his daughter just in case any issues arise during school between her and the coach. 

“I have had very long detailed talks with my daughter as far if any contact is made she is immediately to come to her mother or I and let’s us know exactly what is going on” said Terrill.