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WIBC host Brian Baker launched into a rageful commentary about Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett during a tense segment with co-host Rob Kendall Wednesday. 

News that a two-month-old Indianapolis boy was hospitalized in critical condition Tuesday night after a brutal attack at Twin Hills Apartments on the city’s near north side resulted in an epic rant from Brian about the city’s murder rate and the failure of Mayor Hogsett to put forth a meaningful plan to address the problem.


“With violence at an all-time high and roads so disastrous they’ve made national headlines, you might be tempted to assume that our Mayor has more important matters to attend to than bashing the upcoming NRA convention, which is projected to generate more than $85 million in revenue for the city of Indianapolis. Alas, our mayor is the pathetic and pitiful Joe Hogsett, who God willing is in the final phase of his career in local politics!”

The above comments were just a warm up, however.

“I don’t give a crap about rapid transit; I really don’t even care about potholes all that much, but I care about two-month-olds getting bashed in the head with baseball bats. I’m sick of the violence! Get your ass in gear and address the issue! This is not a new problem! This crap happens all the time, and people are getting hit with stray bullets – if the officers have to bash a few skulls and break a few noses to have an impact, so be it! Tell me how hate crimes legislation is going to cut the actual violence in our city, you idiots! Get it in gear; I can not believe that Mayor Hogsett has put forth no plan to deal with this!”

Click the link below to hear the entire rant for yourself.

Editor’s note: Brian is now resting comfortably in a facility that is better equipped to deal with his obvious anger issues.