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INDIANAPOLIS– The “Just Be Kind Club” group was started four years ago by a group of kids in order to help raise money for charity.

Several of their signs can be seen around Plainfield or the west side of Indianapolis. Now, the group includes dozens of kids of all ages helping make a difference in their community, with a simple philosophy. 

Kids of all ages, from five-year-olds to high schoolers, are a part of the group. It got off the ground with the help of Andrea Hilton. Hilton helps the kids figure out how to spend the money they raise from selling shirts and keychains and gathering donations.  

“People will call us an anti-bullying club. We’re not. We’re a pro-kindness club,” Hilton said. 

Hilton says it is rewarding to see how kindness just comes easy to them. 

“I just want adults to know not just kids can be kind, but also they can be kind in the world,” said fifth grader, Janajah. “Kids can do a lot of things that adults can’t do but also adults can do a lot of things that kids can’t do and they should be kind to the world, too.” 

The kids helped place pinwheels by the road for Child Abuse Awareness Month. They make all of these t-shirts and signs then sell them online to raise money. Both products have made it around the world, including China and the Congo. 

Story by: Joe Melillo