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MARION, Ind.–A man was arrested in Marion Saturday. His arrest was caught on video. Now that video has gone viral. 

It’s because that video shows one of the two officers kicking Julian Paegle, 27, while trying to restrain him. The Marion Police Department says Paegle was wanted in Grant County on an active warrant for failure to appear and by the Indiana Department of Corrections on an active warrant for escape. 

The department says when officers knocked on the door, a middle aged man told them Paegle was in the bedroom. Officers found Paegle attempting to climb through the window and were able to take control of him in the backyard.

That’s when police say Paegle struggled but they were eventually able to place handcuffs on him and escort him to a patrol car. As they approached the car, they say he became combative and broke away from the officers. 

One of the officers can be seen on the video kicking Paegle twice in the back, but they say he starting kicking them first. 

The Marion Police Department said they interviewed him after his arrest and said Paegle told them he was sorry for resisting. They also quoted him as saying he was “fighting for his freedom.”

Paegle ended up with minor cuts on his hands and elbows. Both of the officers sustained minor injuries. 

The video, taken by a man in Marion, has been shared more than 2,000 times. 

(PHOTO: Facebook/Nathan Smith)