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STATEWIDE–Construction zone safety isn’t only about protecting the workers.

That’s just one of the many lessons law enforcement officers want you to understand during National Work Zone Awareness Week. 

It started Monday, April 8 and runs through Friday, April 12.  

“Last year alone, we had 15 fatalities in Indiana work zones,” said Indiana State Police Sergeant John Perrine. 

Of those 15, however, only one of them was a construction worker. The other 14 were people driving through the zones. 

“Now that means that work zone safety isn’t only about protecting the workers. It’s about protecting you as well. Are you going to do what it takes to make those work zones safer for everyone including yourself?” Perrine said. 

Perrine says one of the best habits you can develop is teaching yourself to slow down the second you see orange cones or barrels. 

“Slow down. Also, look for those speed limit signs. Obey those speed limit signs. They are there for a purpose,” Perrine said. 

Speeding in a construction zone comes can result in a fine. Drivers can also be sent to jail for killing or injuring a construction worker. 

Tomorrow, you’ll hear more from Perrine as well as WIBC Traffic Director Matt Bair about the consequences of not following the rules in a construction zone. 

You’ll also hear about the vehicles that you need to yield to while driving. The list of those vehicles may be longer than you may think.  

(PHOTO:  Eric Berman/WIBC)