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(Joe Raedle/Getty Images)

Big Bern Sanders is coming to the Hoosier state this weekend to rally support for his 2020 campaign for President!

The socialist senator from Vermont, who’s already lost one presidential election, is aiming for a twofer in a field of 18 total democratic hopefuls (and counting), who are banking on their mostly no-name recognition, communist agenda, and message of “let’s reverse this great economy and go back to the Obama days” to carry them to a victory in 2020.

Sanders says his upcoming tour will emphasize that the Democrats’ “clearest and strongest path to victory in 2020 runs through the Upper Midwest.”

Translation: F*** this strategy of “best vision for America” crap; let’s focus on the areas of the country that Hillary Clinton gave the finger to in 2016 and send that Nazi Trump packing!

Sanders, whose prospects for having a stroke and/or dying of old age in the next 20 months are much higher than the other democrat contenders for President, is running on a platform of “free everything,” and encouraging supporters to “pay no attention to the people in Venezuela who are eating their beloved pets to survive.”

The Chicks on the Right cover details of Sanders’ upcoming visit to the Hoosier state in the clip below.