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(Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

South Bend Mayor and blowhard Pete Buttigieg wants you to know that he’s gay. It’s also important to Pete that you understand that while he’s gay, he’s also gay.

In addition, Pete’s gay. GAY, GAY, GAY, REALLY GAY! He’s GAY.

Also, he’s a homosexual, which means he’s gay.

Yes Pete, we get it: you’re gay; you’re proud that you’re gay, and the entirety of your campaign is built around two things: you’re gay and you hate Mike Pence. And why do you hate Mike Pence? Because you’re gay, which means that you’re not a heterosexual; you’re a HOMOsexual… and that means that you’re gay.

Hammer and Nigel covered the latest gay-themed commentary from gay mayor and homosexual Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday’s show. Click the gay link below to check it out.

By the way, did you hear gay mayor Pete is gay? We always thought he was gay, but it turns out he’s actually gay. GAY!!