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The Indiana Hoosiers take the field for their annual Cream and Crimson Game this Friday night at 7pm in Memorial Stadium. The game represents the 15th and final practice of the 2019 spring season.

Indiana University Athletic Director Fred Glass joined the Hammer and Nigel show Wednesday to preview the game, as well as discuss the current state of the University’s basketball program in the wake of last season’s disappointing finish, which unquestionably marked the end of a honeymoon period for head coach Archie Miller. 


“There were some circumstances that were challenging; it was a frustrating year, but I’ve got a lot of confidence in Archie and I think the success he’s had with recruiting has been great. So it’s just a matter of giving him a chance to stack some classes against each other and I think he’s going to be terrific.”

Glass also acknowledged that while a passionate fanbase is a blessing, it can ultimately create stress and pose challenges when the University’s athletic programs are underperforming.

“I think it’s dangerous if you go in a bunker and not listen to fan feedback. I try to listen to that as much as possible and a lot of times there is a lot to be said for what people are talking about. But it’s two heads of the same coin. The reason that they get angry and riled up is the same reason they’ll stand 10 deep to get into an NIT game that they haven’t been able to get into before or stand in a line around the block to get autographs. So I love the passion of our fans; I’d much rather have that than apathy.”

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