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(Denise Truscello/Getty Images)

Pop music superstar and potentially mega-hot, tasty babe Celine Dion (we asked Rob Kendall his opinion) is headed to Indianapolis for her first concert in our city in 11 years on Dec. 3 at Banker’s Life Fieldhouse

In what will undoubtedly be known from here on out as the most emotionally-poignant moment in the proud history of the Hammer and Nigel show,  Big Nige called his best friend from college and attempted to convince him to attend the upcoming show, which is part of Celine’s “Courage” tour. If successful, a lucky WIBC listener will win tickets.

Nigel puts his friendship with his buddy to the test in the clip below.

By the way, a film based on Celine Dion’s life, titled “The Power of Love,” is expected to arrive in theaters in 2020. So don’t tell the Hammer and Nigel show that Hollywood is out of great ideas!