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INDIANAPOLIS — People living in the Old Northside neighborhood are fed up with the amount of trash piling up in their yards. 

Residents say most of the trash is being thrown from the interstate. The big question: who is responsible for cleaning it up?

The debris is getting caught in fences used to separate the land the state and INDOT is responsible for from property residents are responsible for.    

“Across the street we have a collection of debris and garbage that’s come down from I-65,” said Matt Hammond, who lives in the neighborhood.

Hammond just moved to the Old Northside this week. The first thing he noticed across the street from the nice houses was trash piled everywhere. From chip bags and plastic bags to an old pillow

People living in the neighborhood near 12th and Alabama said it’s hard to miss.

“This is the worst it’s been in a long time because nobody is doing anything,” said Chic Perrin, who lives in the neighborhood.

Perrin has lived in the area for more than 30 years. He said he used to go out weekly to pick up the trash, but said he can’t anymore because of his bad back.

“If you keep it clean, it stays clean for a lot longer. But as soon as they see trash, people just start throwing trash,” said Perrin.

With trash continuing to pile up, people said they have had enough. But they don’t know what to do when it comes to how to clean it up.

“Are we even allowed to pick it up? Whose job is it to pick it up?” said Hammond. 

If the trash is inside the fencing on the side of the highway, it’s INDOT’s responsibility.

But, INDOT said if the trash moves to the neighborhood side of the fence, depending on where it lands, it’s either up to the city, business owners or residents to clean it up.

“It’s got to be a solution that not only cleans it up, but keeps it clean. Because this is a beautiful neighborhood, beautiful street. we love being downtown, but this is a problem,” said Hammond.  

A spokesperson with INDOT said they recognize this is a problem, which is why INDOT allocated an additional $30 million to the issue.

Starting this month, there will be two litter pickups per month. The spokesperson said workers just haven’t gotten to the downtown area yet.