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The homicide rate in the city of Indianapolis has continued its unabated rise in early 2019.

No less than six homicides occurred in under a 24-hour period last weekend, a tragic reminder that despite their best efforts, law enforcement and community organizations have been unable to effectively counter the violent crime in our city.

The Indianapolis “Peace Walk” will take place Friday night at 7pm, beginning at the intersection of 34th Street and Keystone Avenue. Rev. Charles Harrison of the Ten Points Coalition joined the Hammer and Nigel show Friday to discuss the walk and what it will take to conquer the violence in Indianapolis.

Rev. Harrison:

“It really is a situation where it’s going to take a village to address this. A lot of people in our city have become numb to our violence or they feel that nothing can be done about it. As a consequence, they just sort of throw their hands up in the air and give up on trying to counter and eliminate it. We have to find a way to engage the larger community, to engage these neighborhoods and get more people involved.”

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