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STATE WIDE–When more businesses come to Indiana it means a better quality of life for you because they pay taxes, offer jobs and make products and provide services. So far this year, Indiana’s had several big companies announce they are building here, and more are on the way.

“Just this week we’ve gotten jobs in the agri-business, in the manufacturing services, the professional services area, information technology, which we’re growing over two times the national average, and we also landed jobs in logistics this week,” said Jim Schellinger, Indiana’s Sec. of Commerce, talking to Inside Indiana Business.

Schellinger pointed out that Green Leaf’s announcement that they’ll be building a plant to make veggie burgers and other veggie meat products, is only the first phase. They hope to be building another facility in Shelby County.

Schellinger also said Zotec, a medical recycling company, has announced over 300 jobs in Carmel, as has, IT consulting company BC Forward.

“All these successes that we’re having, they are not just accidents,” he said. “This has all been pre-meditated. This is planned.”

Schellinger said they are the result of an economic strategy put in place a decade ago.

He said the growth in IT business in the state is because Indiana is a great place to work, play and stay, and it’s affordable.

A key focus in the next year is landing more jobs thanks to Indiana’s defense business, such as a recent announcement by Rolls Royce that the Indy facility is going after a major government contract.

“Aerospace and defense is something that Indiana has second to none,” said Schellinger. “We’ve got a lot out there.”

He said Indiana will also be going for more non-stop flights, possibly to international markets.

PHOTO: Chris Davis/Emmis